Behind the Scenes: HPE 'I.T. Monster' Real-Time Installation

We helped to create a one-of-a-kind live experience that debuted at HPE's Discover event in Las Vegas. The interactive installation, featuring a giant red monster, is an evolution of HPE's global digital 'Tame the I.T. Monster' campaign. Using The Mill's newly released proprietary technology Mill Mascot, the I.T. Monster (a fully CG character) was able to perform live on-stage as well as interact with conference attendees in a custom installation. This technology, never before used in this way, enabled a fully interactive, personalized experience. The use of Mill Mascot for HPE ushers in a new age of digital storytelling, providing brands the opportunity to create fast and reactive content on the spot.

Mill Mascot is an animation system developed by The Mill that combines real-time animation and game engine technology with motion sensors that enables a digital puppeteer to control the animated character through hand gestures. This gives directors, creatives and clients the ability to 'direct' CG character performance live on set, giving feedback and making creative decisions on the fly. It can also be used at live events, as it was at HPE Discover, allowing brand-created characters to interact with consumers.
Learn more about Mill Mascot: http://www.themill.com/portfolio/4249/mill-mascot

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