Behind the Scenes: Jaguar 'Catwalk' Interactive Installation


Mill+ partnered with Imagination to create Jaguar 'Catwalk', an interactive installation featuring a CG jaguar that reacts to the audience in real-time using AI gesture recognition. Learn more about the project:

The brief was to design a reactive character to personify abstract ideas of the car’s key performance. The Jaguar needed to seem as real as possible while in reacting in real-time and staying on-brand, so it couldn’t appear tame, docile or playful. The team made a completely independent and responsive character, incorporating machine learning pose recognition into a traditional VFX pipeline.

Creating a new pipeline to bring VFX assets into Unreal Engine allowed the team to use the world class animators to bring the Jaguar to life. Mill+ partnered with Machine learning pioneers #Wrnch to incorporate their pose recognition system into the #UnrealEngine project. This allowed them to capture full human body animation and poses using an off-the-shelf webcam.

BTS Editor & DOP: Rauri Cantelo

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