Amazing Before & After Hollywood VFX: A Series of Unfortunate Events

The 'a series of unfortunate events' series, starring Neil Patrick Harris - Count Olaf, Patrick Warburton - Lemony Snicket, Malina Weissman - Violet Baudelaire and Louis Hynes - Klaus Baudelaire, is riddled with all sorts of computer-generated imagery (CGI). So, come with us through this journey behind the scenes and see just what went into the making of this awesome series.
Find out how they made this fantasy come to life and look so believable in these amazing before and after VFX showreels!

Enjoy :)

VFX By: Zoic Studios ,Digital Domain ,Tippett Studio and CVD VFX

Please note that the thumbnail to this video, like most of our thumbnails, is intended to be an amusing, tongue-in-cheek, "conceptual' piece of artwork, portraying a fun idea of how a scene might have looked without all of the visual effects applied.
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