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  • 01:46 New PhaseNet for Video Frame Interpolation

    PhaseNet for Video Frame Interpolation

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    Most approaches for video frame interpolation require accurate dense correspondences to synthesize an in-between frame. Therefore, they do not perform well in challenging scenarios with, e.g., lighting changes or motion blur. Recent deep learning approach

  • 01:19 Animation Rig - #2

    Animation Rig - #2

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    bones Rig training, animation training & Chop nodes exploration for : - real time car animation (keyboard chop) - realtime camera animation (gamepad chop) - automatic overlaping/ follow trough animation effect (lag & spring chop) - keyframe animat



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    A small test in HOUDINI of drops simulation and displacement maps. The compositing was done by Jonny Munevar and Felipe Mendoza.-

  • 05:54 [SIGGRAPH 2018] A Multi-Scale Model for Simulating Liquid-Fabric Interactions

    [SIGGRAPH 2018] A Multi-Scale Model for Simulating Liquid-Fabric Interactions

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    Project Page: http://libwetcloth.info/ Source Code: https://github.com/nepluno/libwetcloth We propose a method for simulating the complex dynamics of partially and fully saturated woven and knit fabrics interacting with liquid, including the effects of bu

  • 00:15 Going to the Blacksmith

    Going to the Blacksmith

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    Going to the blacksmith, gonna get some shoes. Animation and music by Hombre_McSteez Instagram............. @Hombre_McSteez Patreon.................. https://www.patreon.com/hombremcsteez

  • 00:44 Formula 1

    Formula 1

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    In our latest car RnD project - Formula 1, we’ve been exploring on how to best create a dynamic camera animation and with a full CG car animation. We used the leading 3D software Maya from Autodesk and Redshift as the renderer. More on www.3dcharact

  • 01:31 The incredible Hulk - Making Of

    The incredible Hulk - Making Of

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    The model was created in Zbrush and Maya and rendered with Arnold in Maya. A bones and muscle reference was used to built up the Hulk. For the shading we used Arnold SSS Skin Shader with bump textures, displacements, color textures, and specular textures.

  • 00:52 The Mill’s Real-Time Animation System

    The Mill’s Real-Time Animation System

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    Ever wanted to direct, perform and animate CG characters in real-time? That's what Mill+ Creative Director Jeffrey Dates' brainchild allows you to do. The Real-Time Animation System (RTAS) utilizes real-time rendering technology and a custom-built, CGI vi

  • 00:18 Material Studies: Snow

    Material Studies: Snow

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    Hello everyone, I was recently asked to build a snow material in Arnold that not only gave the snow that 'powder' feel it has, but also the light glint effect that we so commonly associate the look of snow with. It turned out to be a bit of a simpler proc

  • 08:26 Richard Williams- Animating Movement

    Richard Williams- Animating Movement

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    You can get three months of Skillshare for only $0.99. Go to skl.sh/RoyalOcean to sign up today. In a world where live-action and animation are growing closer and closer to one another, Richard Williams was and still is one of the last remaining members o

  • 17:14 Evolution of VFX and the making of BladeRunner 2049

    Evolution of VFX and the making of BladeRunner 2049

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    Our CTO Graham Jack on the Content Makers Stage at #WebSummit2017. Watch his presentation about the evolution of VFX and the making of BladeRunner 2049.

  • 08:38 ZBrushCentral 2017 Highlights

    ZBrushCentral 2017 Highlights

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    Thank you to all the talented artists on ZBrushCentral for sharing your incredible artwork this year! See the collection of images by visiting http://pixologic.com/gallery2017.php We at Pixologic would like to wish you all Happy Holidays and present you w

  • 00:24 CG Red Robin

    CG Red Robin

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  • 28:38 Popular The Principles of Animation

    The Principles of Animation

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    "The Principles of Animation" by Hjalti Hjalmarsson Blender Conference 2017 Learn more at https://www.blender.org/conference/

  • 01:30 Popular TimeRide VR Breakdown

    TimeRide VR Breakdown

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    TimeRide VR presents a new attraction for tourists and Cologne citizens including a unique multi-user out-of-home VR experience. Highlight of the current exhibition is a 15-minute tram ride through the digitally recreated old town of Cologne, at the begin

  • 02:05 Popular Houdini - Sand

    Houdini - Sand

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    Sand waterfall. Emitter surface with mountain. Inject random velocity. Shape of Sand. Emit w/ attraction weight noise. Sand canon. Use Normal to drive the vel direction. Sand Force. Emit w/ attraction weight noise. Used POP Force, Pop Axis force for Orbit