EVANGELION is an anime that was crazy and obsessed in my childhood. This year its final theater version will be released soon. I also hope to use my way to commemorate this animation throughout my growing period.

Every eva movie has a subtitle. I also chose a name for my work [√], pronounced: "true"

The meaning is realistic. Because the core purpose of this creation is to try to make the EVA world real. On the other hand, you can also see some real-world images added to the dream section of the film.

There is a saying in the EVA movie that I really like


"Dream is the continuation of reality, reality is the end of dream"

We live in such chaos, a chao•real world. But no matter what kind of disaster we face, we can still smile, connect with each other, and give each other strength

Thanks to all the partners who participated in the project

Hope you like it

Please check more information and behind the scene is in the Behance!






Creation | Direction : Somei孙世晟

Main Creation :Somei孙世晟 LIGO張磊 Zaoeyo 曾潇霖 MoGroup

EVA-01 Modeling: JOJO黃吉鵬

Base Modeling :Mash王辰祠

Texture Painting:LIGO張磊

Character Design : Wei-HsiangZeng曾偉翔 Somei 孙世晟

Monster Design:MV8王懿之

Rigging :Kangddan康丹丹

VFX: Shuifx水生

Product Render:Jason王玉浩

Shotting | Composition | subtitle | Makingof : Young陈洋

Animation | Lighting | Rending | Compositing : Somei孙世晟 LIGO張磊 Zaoeyo 曾潇霖 MoGroup

MoGroup Member

AnnLiu ChenYou Flolin Syris

TANKEIYII Woozie 郝梓东 林耿旭

刘国彬 沈一尘 孙雨禾 政宏DEANSZH

Edit|TC :Somei 孙世晟

Composer and Sound Designer : Kambiz Aghdam

Ending music : Evangelion 2.00 - Tsubasa Wo Kudasai

Special Thanks

Neo初帅 Lewis Orton火人 Young Jo祖彬 MarkChang張以得 林凱 罐頭 Jaskni Momentor

OPPOACE項目組 新創華 khara Crystal小小麦 KIKI凯凯

**Produced by SOMEI DESIGN**

CG Short
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