ATROPA -- Sci-fi Short


An Off-World Detective investigates the missing research vessel ATROPA. Concept short inspired by '70s and '80s sci-fi classics like Alien and Blade Runner.

Directed by Eli Sasich • Contact:

Written by Clay Tolbert

Produced by Chris Bryant

Co-Produced by Lieren Stuivenvolt Allen

Director of Photography Greg Cotten

Production Designer Alec Contestabile

Edited by Zachary Anderson

Music by Kevin Riepl

Visual Effects by Ryan Wieber

VFX Supervisors Ryan Wieber & Tobias Richter

Spaceship VFX by Tobias Richter & The Light Works

Sound Designer Mike Ault


Anthony Bonaventura

Jeannie Bolet

David M. Edelstien

Ben Kliewer

Chris Voss

Making-of interview:

(Agent) Trevor Astbury • CAA

(Manager) Eric Williams • Zero Gravity Management

© Corridor Productions 2015

CG Short
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