AWAY VFX Breakdown


A detailed look into how an obscure, yet ambitious, idea was brought to life using a harmonious blend of digital and practical effects.

SPOILERS! - If you haven't seen the entire film, know that this breakdown does contain spoilers. View the film in its entirety here:


"Produced over the entirety of three years this film has taken us to places, both physically and emotionally, that we would have never in our lives imagined going to. Creating this ambitious film with such limited resources and an out-of-pocket budget has been a daunting task, but we are insanely overjoyed that we were able to see it to the end. Thank you for your patience and excitement for this film’s completion, we sincerely hope and pray that this film moves you in some way."

CG Short - Making Of
convolv, nature, scifi, blue screen, green screen, visual effects, vfx, reel, digital, practical, model