In The Woods Festival 2016


Christopher Watson­-Wood (Creative Director of Mad Ruffian), has created this visual effects promo for the In The Woods music festival. The promo comprises the best photos from the festival from 2012 - 2014 (taken by Chris and photographer, Tony Jupp) and Chris and the other Ruffians have taken these simple photos and created an entire 3D world from them by meticulously modelling the objects in CG and then projection mapping and digitally painting the images back over them.

Check out the behind the scenes video here: https://vimeo.com/162627371


Client: In The Woods Festival (www.inthewoodsfestival.co.uk)

Commissioner(s): Tim Adam-Smith, Will Brown

Production Company: M​ad Ruffian (www.madruffian.com)

Post Production Company: R​uffian Post (www.ruffianpost.com)

Director: Christopher Watson-Wood

Producer: A​manda Jones

Photography: Tony Jupp, Christopher Watson-Wood

Editor / Colourist: Christopher Watson-Wood

VFX Supervisor / Lead CG Houdini: Christopher Watson-Wood

Compositor: Harry Davidson

CG Houdini Artist: Toby Williams-Ellis

Senior CG Houdini Generalist: M​att Evans

Senior CG Houdini Generalist: S​tephen Elphick

Clean up and Matte Painting: Toby Williams-Ellis, Harry Davidson

Song: Glass Animals - - "Holiest" (Feat. Tei Shi)

Audio Post Production: S​am Cramer, Katie Earl

CG Adv
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