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It has been an incredible experience for Goodbye Kansas Studios to collaborate with CD PROJEKT RED towards producing a #cinematic trailer for #cyberpunk2077's expansion, #PhantomLiberty feat. Idris Elba.�

With CDPR, we settled on the theme of "Betrayal". Fredrik Löfberg and Jan Bartkowicz developed the script that became the #narrative and #story - progressing into #storyboards and previsualization to focus on character nuances & staging.✍️

Due to COVID-19 � travel restrictions, our team in Stockholm - Fredrik, Rebeca, Henrik and Jonas - directed Idris Elba and Zora Bishop remotely for their performance shoot. CDPR representatives were on site in London to help drive narrative and feedback. It was quite a feat to authentically develop the characters' connection and betrayal within a short period for viewers. The positive response to the trailer release demonstrates the power of technology, creativity and human resilience.

Production had further challenges: creating a realistic cybernetic enhanced Digi-double of Idris Elba, AKA Solomon Reed, and positioning him in direct sunlight. We had faith in our facial animation capabilities, but seeing the reception from the audience picking up on every detail in our actors' performance was incredibly uplifting.�

Our Art Director Mikael Widegren worked closely with Jakub Knapik, Art Director at CDPR, to hone in on the tonality, details and world-building that is a massive part of the #storytelling through environments, #lighting, #fx and #compositing. Making the trailer feel like a part of CDPR's Cyberpunk universe was extremely important to us.�

The #cinematography is symbolic of the narrative. Beginning in a smoggy, filthy Night City lit up with neon signs; we follow Solomon Reed free-falling onto a moving train - his escape fulfilled with So Mi's help. Solomon sits inside the train with the sun hitting his face, symbolizing his newfound freedom. The lighting grows gloomier, reflecting the emotional build-up of betrayal from So Mi towards Solomon. His uncertainty about safety is accompanied by the shutdown of internal lighting due to So Mi's train system hack. As the train enters a dark tunnel, Solomon realizes he has been betrayed and begins to fight for his life again, coming full circle.�

The visceral brutality of the short but intense fight presented in the trailer was designed and performed by Stunt Coordinator Niklas Hansson. This part was equally important to continue the story and develop Solomon Reed & So Mi's characters. Niklas and his team shot multiple variations of the action scenes, meticulously capturing every detail - as we follow an experienced Agent who eventually becomes overwhelmed.�

We are incredibly proud of everyone involved in creating this trailer. This behind-the-scenes video showcases the fantastic collaboration, hard work, and passion our team has for bringing stories to life.❤️

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