The Climate Emergency is upon us, and urgent action is required. Luckily Vega and her friendly posse of livestock are here to offer a solution in these two one-minute films.

VEGA THE COW was the first film by Studio AKA Director Kristian Andrews for CLIMATE HEALERS – a non-profit dedicated to healing the Earth’s climate. We teamed up with Creative Director Carl le Blond from Logic to Magic to produce the first of TWO 60-second extravaganzas. Working with AKA’s team of talented CGI artists and animators, we created the character for the launch spot VEGA THE COW, which depicts the charming but forlorn Bovine being swept up and away by runaway climate change. Ultimately, Vega offers us an alternative future, but it can only become a reality if we switch to a plant-based diet.

THE COW IN THE KITCHEN is our follow-up film that continues our successful collaboration with Logic to Magic and Climate Healers. This time, Vega finds herself hosting her very own TV cookery show to promote World Food Healers Day on the 19th of November, 2022. Food Poverty is an issue exacerbated by both Climate Change and our reliance on Animal Agriculture; fortunately, Vega is on a mission to teach us how to feed the world sustainably.

… if she can control her gas problem.

Kristian says of the project:

"The team here at AKA cooked up these films with love and dedication - and in the latest spot, we hope that viewers will find the stew as appetising as we do! We also hope that our furry friends show how easy it is to put together a healthy and locally sourced meal that is accessible to everyone. It feels amazing to work on something with a message I passionately believe in (however uncomfortable that message might be to accept). Sometimes solving the climate crisis seems too complicated, but when it comes to absolving your personal responsibility, one answer is simple ... GO VEGAN!"

Client: Climate Healers
Concept Creation: Logic to Magic
Creative Director: Carl Le Blond
Production Credits:
Voice Artist: Ellie Goffe
Animation Director: Kristian Andrews
Producer: Lara Salam
Production Assistant: Meera Nasheed
Editor: Nic Gill
3D Animator: Lucas Vigroux
CG Artists & Compositors:
James Gaillard, Adam O’Sullivan Avery, Jerome Ferra, Daniel Garnerone,
Vincent Husset, William Eager and Joshua Crew
Production Company: Studio AKA
Music & Sound Design: Post Office Amsterdam
CG Adv