Climate Healers: VEGA THE COW

Climate Healers: VEGA THE COW 60'

As we all know, Environmental Collapse is upon us and radical action is needed from everyone on Earth if we are to ever mediate it!

Studio AKA and keen environmentalist Director Kristian Andrews teamed up with Creative Director Carl le Blond from Logic to Magic to produce a 60 second extravaganza, and they have created 'Vega' the cow to entertain and educate us humans.

AKA’s team of talented CGI artists and animators depicted the charming yet forlorn Vega as she is swept up by runaway climate change. Ultimately, Vega offers us an alternative future, however it is one that hinges on urgent behaviour change to switch to a plant-based diet.

Director Kristian Andrews:

“It felt amazing to work on something with a message I passionately believe in, however uncomfortable that message might be for some to accept. Sometimes solving the climate crisis seems just too complicated; but when it comes to absolving your own personal responsibility, the answers are simple... GO VEGAN!”


Credit list:
Client: Climate Healers
Agency: Logic to Magic
Direction: Kristian Andrews
Production Company: Studio AKA
Music and Sound: Post Office Amsterdam
CG Adv