Pause Originals - Simulation by Radugadesign


In our concept, we rely on the theory of computer simulation. If the hypothesis is true, in the future we will be able to become "creators" of the virtual world that will turn into "real" for its new inhabitants. Our world may not be the main one in the universe. It’s possible that some overdeveloped civilization has already come this way, and our world is one of its experiments.

We observe that a person’s place is increasingly determined by how the digital space perceives us. The world is gradually entering the era of artificial intelligence, immersed in "neural networks". We're learning to create more and more realistic copies of reality.

We're not only knowing ourselves through impulses that we catch, but also this helps us to construct ways of interacting with each other. We pass them on to our surrounding reality. We're generating and launching new impulses that affect the world around us.


Creative director Ivan Nefedkin 

Producer Dina Safina 

Screenwriter Anna Kramar

Production team Alexander Abramov, Egor Andrianov, Elen Elkiev, Sergey Voronov, Sergey Nikitin, Slava Rybin, Maksim Grebenschikov, Konstantin Goran, Sergey Gorokhov

Models Ilya Lim, Jancy Bazego, Vasilisa Sokolova, Anya Mikhailova, Anastasiia Tskhai, Alexey Vorobyev

Style Olga Bobrova

Style assistant Lina Bulygo

Make up Alena Trusova

Sound Alexander Zaripov

Voices Allie, Bella, Ellen, Kristine, Michell, Fred, Jimmy, Kelvin, Matt, Nick 

DOP Andrey Kashurin 

Gaffer Alexander Garan

Motion Graphics
motion, animation, vfx, future, pausefest, movie, response, original