Amazing Before & After Hollywood VFX: Transformers Dark of the Moon


The 'Transformers' movies really do serve as a good example of how, nowadays, there are no limitations as to what you put in a movie. Want a huge transforming car that seems to be able to unfold into a plethora of different objects, some that don't even seem physically possible!
But, why does it need to, when you have the wonders of CGI at your fingertips? Just leave that headache to the boffins of the VFX department, they'll do the job, and do it well.
Here we explore just how they did all of these insane and incredible effects without the need of huge real life transformers in front of green screens.

VFX By: ILM and Digital Domain
Music By: Monkey Media
Song Title: Grease Monkey
Album: Monkey

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