Camp Cole

When Cole Sawyer lost his battle to cancer at age 11, his family and friends wanted to do something significant to support other families facing similar experiences. Their unwavering desire to help resulted in a quest to build a state-of-the-art user facility on a 30-acre farm just outside of Columbia, known as Camp Cole.

This 3D animated video started life as a Creatathon pro bono endeavor, but quickly became our passion project. Big thanks to Chris King and SpeedTree - I know they're out-of-focus but the trees looked great. Created with Lightwave and Octane Render.

Writer: Michael Powelson / RIGGS Partners
Account Mgr: Bailee Fralick / RIGGS Partners
Voice: Tim Gardner
CG Adv
VFX, Animation, Lightwave, Octane, 3D, lightwave3d, octanerender