James – Dear John (official music video)


"A couple’s trip to a mountain is interrupted by a black cat who leads them astray into the forest where they discover dark secrets."

Watch the MAKING OF here: https://vimeo.com/174414224

or read a great article on DIRECTORS NOTES: http://directorsnotes.com/2016/07/28/peter-vacz-dear-john/


• Directed & designed by Péter Vácz / www.petervacz.com

• Story / Animation / Puppets / Cinematography / Edit by Péter Vácz & Joseph Wallace / www.josephwallace.co.uk

• Sets / Composit by Milán Kopasz

• Additional 2D animation / Effects by Attila Bertóti

• Lighting equipment lent by Bálint Kolozsváry

• Post production (Flame) by Truss - Coffee & TV

• Produced by Sam Hope - Picasso Pictures / http://picassopictures.com

• Produced with the support of the Council department in Essonne and European Film Festival in Essonne

• Shot on Canon 60D with Dragonframe

Made in Budapest, Hungary.

© BMG Rights Management (UK) 2016

CG Music Video
James, We are James, Dragonframe, Canon 60D, Stop motion, Puppet animation, Budapest, Picasso Pictures, Tim Booth, Péter Vácz, Joseph Wallace, Milán Kopasz, Attila Bertóti, Hungary, Bálint Kolozsváry, European Film Festival in Essonn