Robotic Division Teaser


In a nearby future, the police count on robotic agents to help human police agents when the use of weapons is involved. The robots are created and programmed to catch the most dangerous street criminals.

Robotic Division satisfies a visual appetite of the creators of 5th Symphony. In love with robots and action films, they shape a robotic main character, as they did in The Hunter, but this time with humanoid characteristics.


- Production&Direction: 5th Symphony

- Cinematography: Fran Fernández-Pardo

- Music&Sound design: Fullbass Music

- Film Editing: 5th Symphony

- Concept Art: Álvaro Ramírez

- Costume&Makeup: Marta Vera, Elena Alejandre and Rocío Carmona

- Sound recording: Juan Cantón

- Lighting: La Abuela Produce

- 3D&VFX: 5th Symphony


- Main robber: Carlos Bernardino

- Robber: Javier Mena

- Robber: Carlos Tirado

- Janitor: Manuel Gómez

- Robot: Fernando Martín

CG Short
3d, vfx, robotic, division, 5th, symphony, animation, Seville, Spain