Dead Island 2 announcement trailer

All animation production by Axis. Directed by Ben Craig and Produced by Lucy Teire. Executive Producer Debbie Ross. Sound Design by Savalas. Music "The Bomb" by Pigeon John.

© 2014 and published by Deep Silver. All rights reserved.
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Client: Deep Silver
Menno Van der Bil: International Commercial Director
Rupert Ochsner: Brand Manager
Christian Lohlein: Head of Art
Thomas Sighart: Head of Video

Production Company: Axis
CG Supervisor: Sergio Caires
CG Supervisor: Ewan Wright
Production Manager: Martin Lynagh

Modeling Supervisor: Graham McKenna
Modeling Lead: Alex Stratulat
Rigging Supervisor: Marco Godhino
Animation Supervisor: Bruce Sutherland
Lead Animator: Steven Graham
VFX Supervisor: Jadyen Patterson
VFX Lead: Craig Brown
Lighting Lead: Ewan Wright
Motion Capture: Audiomotion Studios
Audio Mix and SFX: Savalas