FLOW (+ Making Of)


MAKING OF: https://www.the-working-man.org/2018/11/flow-making-of-film.html

FLOW is a short art film I’ve started mid-summer at Mixpoint – a post-production house which kindly bears with me as their resident CGI director. Few images like those Juno photos got me seriously captivated at the time; I was also deep into commercial tabletop photography with their thick, vividly textured imagery of mixing liquids of all sorts – a grossly overlooked form of art. On top of that, there’s been a bunch of technical stuff I was looking to play with for ages, so here’s the resulting mix, shaken and stirred for your viewing pleasure (and then over-compressed beyond any of my control)

It’s a Houdini-based project involving a good deal of simulations, data manipulation and advanced compositing. I’m diving into the technical making-of details at the link above.

P.S. also be sure to check out Mixpoint at https://vimeo.com/mixpoint and http://www.facebook.com/Studio-Mixpoint-1478978829061419/

CG Short
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