WORLDS - A study of mood and atmosphere


“Worlds” a shortfilm made using old assets i built in the past for different personal projects.

Using only procedural materials to keep everything pretty simple, the goal here was to try to convey mood and atmosphere through cinematography and sound, as well stretching my Blender knowledge for future production work.

The soundscape is built around a heavily tweaked rain audio sample turned into rhythmic pattern, as a base for a simple and atmospheric music composition.

Created with:

Adobe - Blender - Autodesk - Kitbash3D - Otoy - The Foundry - Apple - Spitfire Audio - Output - Galaxy Instruments

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CG Short
shortfilm, 3d, cgi, vfx, blender, mood, atmosphere, scifi, soundtrack, music, audio, logicprox, spitfire audio, galaxy instruments, score, sounddesign