Hybride VFX for Smurfs 2™

By relying on specific location references, Hybride’s artists created and integrated numerous elements to realistically immerse audiences into present-day Paris. The team’s graphic artists created several set extensions and created buildings, transforming the streets of Old Montreal into Parisian avenues. Hybride also contributed to the creation of virtual environments and 3D historical landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower, La Grande Roue, Notre-Dame Cathedral, and the Paris Opera House.

The studio successfully completed 340 visual effects shots such as the power-swirl lightning storm, most of Gargamel’s magic wand effects and some of the Smurfs’ blue essence. The team also created a unique visual signature for the above ground explosion effects through the city of Paris and warped reality by animating and having La Grande Roue Ferris Wheel roll down the streets of Paris.
CG Movie - Making Of
Smurfs, 3D, VFX