"BOARD SHOP" Animated Short by Patrick Smith


Hundreds of Skateboards, Snowboards, and Surfboards are choreographed at 24 boards per second into an ebullient montage of flickering imagery, illustrating the history, artistic beauty, and physical consequences of board culture. Director Patrick Smith created this short film as an homage to his favorite activity and culture. “Board Shop” Juxtaposes hundreds of vintage, classic, and contemporary designs and styles into a trance inducing maelstrom of 24 boards per second imagery. Along for the ride are objects that signify the consequential elements of board culture, namely, broken bones, crutches, and spinal gurneys.. Each object is a historical part of this vibrant world-wide cultural phenomena.

Over the course of one year, Smith collected thousands of photos, images, and objects, compositing them together sequentially and choreographed to beach percussion. The result is a cacophony of illustrations, graphics, shapes and sizes. Each board represents themselves within the trifecta of distinct terrain: Concrete, Water, and Snow.

Dedicated to all those riders out there, young and old. Healthy and injured. Once in place, the board culture never leaves our DNA, and the tools are forever a part of our collective memory and cultural experience.

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