Forms VIII


Direction, Design and Animation: Mr Kaplin

Composition & Sound Design: Mount Audio

Violin and Viola: Mallory Hamm

Grade: Wash TV

Forms is a collaborative series of audiovisual works created by the London-based sound studio and various motion designers in partnership with Made By Folk.

Forms VIII, our contribution to the series is an abstract piece that explores the evolution of form from the natural and man-made worlds through to an imagined AI world beyond. Mount Audio worked with violinist/violist Mallory Hamm to create the score, mirroring the on-screen evolution with an atmospheric journey from acoustic instrumentation to the purely synthetic.

Motion Graphics
CG, Abstract, Sound Design, 3D, Form, VFX, Cinema 4D, Experimental, Black & White, Nature, B&W, Dark, Light, Future, Space, motion design, Evolution