Motion Graphics - Making Of

  • 00:13 Popular Mermaid - RealFlow

    Mermaid - RealFlow

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  • 00:26 Popular "The Nature" by MesHQ | Breakdown

    "The Nature" by MesHQ | Breakdown

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    The Breakdown of a personal project "The Nature". Rendered in RedShift3D for Cinema4D,Check the full details in Behance! https://www.behance.net/gallery/51054157/The-Nature-by-MesHQ



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  • 03:38 Tree Creature - Blender 2.8 development test

    Tree Creature - Blender 2.8 development test

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    -------------------------------------------------------------------- Music credit: Phoenix by Sergey Cheremisinov http://freemusicarchive.org/music/Sergey_Cheremisinov/ White atlantis --------------------------------------------------------------------- I

  • 02:23 Semi-Permanent 2015 Behind the Scenes. FILE NOW UP!

    Semi-Permanent 2015 Behind the Scenes. FILE NOW UP!

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    A behind the scenes look at the Opening titles for the 2015 Semi-Permanent design conferences. https://vimeo.com/129051743 This video has been rather hastily put together, and as by way of apology II'd like to share the full high resolution model and text

  • 00:58 Popular Nööburgring - breakdown

    Nööburgring - breakdown

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    Finally I' ve finished this shot. Also prepared some small breakdown. Feel free to check the artstation for more details https://www.artstation.com/artwork/ZX6Qx Rendering - 3dsmax + Redshift Comp - Nuke

  • 01:06 FrameBreed Studio | Creature Reel

    FrameBreed Studio | Creature Reel

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  • 02:02 The Making of Next-Gen Digital Humans with Andy Serkis | Project Spotlight | Unreal Engine

    The Making of Next-Gen Digital Humans with Andy Serkis | Project Spotlight | Unreal Engine

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    Go behind the scenes of a stunning development in digital characters featuring actor Andy Serkis as he showcases the possibility of generating human-driven volumetric performances. Unreal Engine combined with 3Lateral’s Meta Human Framework© vo

  • 00:48 Sucker Punch Roof Explosion

    Sucker Punch Roof Explosion

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    This was a fun fx of blowing the roof off of the moving train. These area a few of the clips from the making of. enjoy!, Mark

  • 05:05 Popular TrashBot - Rig Demo

    TrashBot - Rig Demo

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    A fun robot character I've been working on in my spare time. I decided to set myself the challenge of trying to build it as believable as possible, in terms of real-world mechanics. Fun rigging challenge, this one!

  • 00:06 Lookdev - Hand

    Lookdev - Hand

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  • 00:15 Mountain Dragon Breakdown

    Mountain Dragon Breakdown

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    Personal Projekt in Cooperation with Johannes Peter. Responsible for sculpting and shading of the Dragon.

  • 02:01 Popular Alagoas "Ghosts" / Making-of

    Alagoas "Ghosts" / Making-of

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    See the music video from Alagoas, 'Ghosts' here: vimeo.com/132071668 Editing: Marc Luelmo Music: Wilson Brown at Antfood Front Frame: Brazo del Hierro

  • 00:31 Popular Maserati - death valley | breakdown

    Maserati - death valley | breakdown

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    Maserati, Death Valley This was an internal R&D project. The brief was to create a computer-generated yet entirely photorealistic desert landscape as a dramatic backdrop against which to show off the sleek beauty of the Maserati Levante. The real chal

  • 00:25 City destruction R&D

    City destruction R&D

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    WIP - not lit yet and lots to fix and way more details to add, cars getting swept up into the air. updated version...https://vimeo.com/244833156

  • 00:24 Marvel's Daredevil Main Title Sequence - Making Of

    Marvel's Daredevil Main Title Sequence - Making Of

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    A making of breakdown of Marvel's Daredevil Opening Titles using RealFlow.