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  • 03:23 Popular Breakdown | - HORIZON -

    Breakdown | - HORIZON -

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    More details about the conception : http://www.behance.net/gallery/-HORIZON-/3530289 Fun Fact : "firstground" instead of "foreground" , a little frenchie mistake! Edited and created by Mickael Forrett Softwares: Adobe Photoshop Adobe After Effect Autodesk

  • 00:34 Popular Green cockerel playing draughts?

    Green cockerel playing draughts?

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    I animated this as a personal test in Maya. Everything hand keyframed except for the tail feather which were dynamicaly driven. Shame it never got rendered, but you can see the animation ok.

  • 01:02 Popular Statue - Behind the Scenes

    Statue - Behind the Scenes

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    We're constantly looking for new ways to showcase our skills, with industry-leading techniques that will help our clients get show-stopping results. Our latest SBLabs study, creates an epic moment of a Muay Thai battle, frozen in time utilising full-body

  • 01:39 UPROAR Data Visualization

    UPROAR Data Visualization

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    The Mill was recently commissioned to create an original art piece for the 2017 Day For Night festival. The result was a large-scale projection entitled UPROAR. This piece, which pays homage to the resilience of the people of Houston, simultaneously visua

  • 01:30 Reel_Compositing_OscarCenteno


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    Ésta es mi primera reel de composición. Inlcuye los primeros trabajos que realicé en Nuke en FX Animation. El material gráfico y render no es propio, si lo és el trabajo de composición y edición de color en

  • 01:10 Popular The Launch - Houdini Pyro/Redshift volume GPU rendering study

    The Launch - Houdini Pyro/Redshift volume GPU rendering study

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    Hey, this is evolution of an old project. I decided to check if I can render a whole pyro-oriented scene in one pass. That was supposed to save me a headache of compositing multiple smoke/explosion elements on top of eachother. It worked, but obviously I

  • 01:30 BELAVENTURA - breakdown

    BELAVENTURA - breakdown

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  • 00:37 Popular Final Project - Girona XVI

    Final Project - Girona XVI

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    This is the final project I did during my Master on Visual Effects. The scene is inspired by "The Three Musketeers" movie but using my hometown Girona on the background. 3D & VFX with LightWave 11.5 Video editing and compositing with Adobe After Effec

  • 03:18 Game of War 'Hero': Making Of | Framestore

    Game of War 'Hero': Making Of | Framestore

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    Presenting Framestore's work for Game of War ‘Hero’, featuring the game’s newest champion: the inimitable Mariah Carey.

  • 00:39 Rex Battle - Breakdown

    Rex Battle - Breakdown

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    Not commercial work, just a study scene. Layout and Animation: Lucas Nunes Render, Composition and Sound: Marcelo Vaz Soldier, Humvee and Rifle rig: 3dfiggins.com/Store/ T.Rex rig: cgbreakdown.com/Rigs Chopper rig: senthil Environment: "Damaged City" mode

  • 01:55 New Real-time render test - Unity's short film 'Windup'

    Real-time render test - Unity's short film 'Windup'

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    Hey guys, it's been a while. I have been working on our upcoming animated short film called 'Windup'. And this is a test scene from it! The test scene is a collaboration of Laurent Harduin, Jacob Norris, Colin Thomas and me. Special thanks to Melissa Chou

  • 04:31 Sucker Punch Intro Logo Breakdown

    Sucker Punch Intro Logo Breakdown

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    So this is a larger and (sorry) longer breakdown of the intro. This was an extremely complex shot. You have 3000 frames length, full CG car, Rain, Splashes, Mist. and environmental elements. I was lucky in the task of being able to develop this whole shot

  • 02:40 Popular Bucky Bunny Toon Character Rig Demo

    Bucky Bunny Toon Character Rig Demo

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    Rig demo of our latest cartoon character Bucky Bunny. Learn to model Bucky Bunny here: http://puppeteerlounge.com/modeling-workshop Learn to rig Bucky Bunny here: http://puppeteerlounge.com/rigging-workshop Learn to animate Bucky Bunny here: http://puppet

  • 01:33 Showreel 2017 Lisa Ecker

    Showreel 2017 Lisa Ecker

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    1) 00:04:23 - Goblin King (Diploma project „Creature Pinup“) - Animation Rig, Deformation Rig, Face Rig, Muscles, Fat Simulation, Skin Sliding, Cloth Simulation, Prop Rigging and Simulation (Autodesk Maya) 2) 00:30:17 - Hyena - Modelling, Anim

  • 01:09 Lien Fatal Project- Breakdown

    Lien Fatal Project- Breakdown

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    This project was created for a pitch that we did back in December. Lien Fatal Project : https://vimeo.com/135367450 Motion Designers: Geoffrey Skrajewski, Gabriel Grenier & Guillaume Combeaud. Sound: Gabriel Gagnon, Apollo Studios Music breakdown : Ca

  • 00:13 Popular Mermaid - RealFlow

    Mermaid - RealFlow

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