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  • 00:52 Siren Behind The Scenes | Project Spotlight | Unreal Engine

    Siren Behind The Scenes | Project Spotlight | Unreal Engine

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    Epic Games teamed with 3Lateral, Cubic Motion, Tencent and Vicon to take live captured digital humans to the next level with the creation of “Siren,” a high-fidelity, real-time digital character in Unreal Engine based on the likeness of Chines

  • 02:02 The Making of Next-Gen Digital Humans with Andy Serkis | Project Spotlight | Unreal Engine

    The Making of Next-Gen Digital Humans with Andy Serkis | Project Spotlight | Unreal Engine

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    Go behind the scenes of a stunning development in digital characters featuring actor Andy Serkis as he showcases the possibility of generating human-driven volumetric performances. Unreal Engine combined with 3Lateral’s Meta Human Framework© vo

  • 01:55 Real-time render test - Unity's short film 'Windup'

    Real-time render test - Unity's short film 'Windup'

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    Hey guys, it's been a while. I have been working on our upcoming animated short film called 'Windup'. And this is a test scene from it! The test scene is a collaboration of Laurent Harduin, Jacob Norris, Colin Thomas and me. Special thanks to Melissa Chou

  • 00:19 RBD Car Crash - Naoki Kato

    RBD Car Crash - Naoki Kato

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    Houdini RBD simulation with Bullet by Naoki Kato. Rendered with Mantra. Effects Technical Director Program at Lost Boys School of VFX For more information about this program visit: https://lostboys-studios.com/effects-technical-director-fx-td-program/ Nao

  • 00:08 Houdini soup

    Houdini soup

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    Rendered in Vray.

  • 00:15 Houdini Beach Breakdown

    Houdini Beach Breakdown

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    Houdini Beach Breakdown

  • 00:15 Mountain Dragon Breakdown

    Mountain Dragon Breakdown

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    Personal Projekt in Cooperation with Johannes Peter. Responsible for sculpting and shading of the Dragon.

  • 01:09 Lien Fatal Project- Breakdown

    Lien Fatal Project- Breakdown

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    This project was created for a pitch that we did back in December. Lien Fatal Project : https://vimeo.com/135367450 Motion Designers: Geoffrey Skrajewski, Gabriel Grenier & Guillaume Combeaud. Sound: Gabriel Gagnon, Apollo Studios Music breakdown : Ca

  • 01:39 UPROAR Data Visualization

    UPROAR Data Visualization

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    The Mill was recently commissioned to create an original art piece for the 2017 Day For Night festival. The result was a large-scale projection entitled UPROAR. This piece, which pays homage to the resilience of the people of Houston, simultaneously visua

  • 00:29 Brute - 2018 - breakdown

    Brute - 2018 - breakdown

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    Brute (2018) by Thomas Brockmann A free project I did with Maya. The idea came, when I discovered the functions of Maya MASH. Environment is modeled in zBrush. Shaded and rendered with Arnold. Additional FX by Torben Dirksmeyer. Compositing by Florian Deh

  • 00:50 UFO destruction - breakdown

    UFO destruction - breakdown

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    A quick breakdown showing the main layers used. The final shot can be found here https://vimeo.com/244833156

  • 00:25 City destruction R&D

    City destruction R&D

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    WIP - not lit yet and lots to fix and way more details to add, cars getting swept up into the air. updated version...https://vimeo.com/244833156



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  • 01:30 BELAVENTURA - breakdown

    BELAVENTURA - breakdown

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  • 02:10 NODE Fest Ident | Intergalactic Mushrooms - Breakdown Video

    NODE Fest Ident | Intergalactic Mushrooms - Breakdown Video

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    Here's a behind the scenes video for my Node Fest 2017 ident competition entry You can view the finished ident here: https://vimeo.com/228550393 You can view all the idents entered so far here (make sure to vote for your fav!): http://www.nodefest.com.au/

  • 00:50 Baboon


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    Layout and Animation: Roger Wilson Light, Fur, shader and composition: Marcelo Vaz Rigs by iAnimate