Hello motion people!!
When we were kids we used to play with action/toy figures
and as we grew up Hollywood's movies blew out our imagination.
Today we present you our animation homage to these great memories
through Yeti Pictures miniworlds style, with a big dose of humor and plot twist!! Enter our MINIWOOD world!!

Production: Yeti Pictures
Direction: Tony Zagoraios
3D Design, Animation : Marios Tsaousis, Pantelis Tsiachris, Vasiliki Evangelopoulou, Argyris Nochos
3D Characters Modelling: Elena Izanami
3D Characters Animation: Aimilia Katsikerou, Dimitris Dagdilellis
Houdini Simulations: Stavros Sofianos
Music: Stratos Diamantis
Sound Design By Rabbeats: Stefanos Douvitsas, Kostas Gerolimos
CG Short