Admiral Campaign — Blown Away 30s

McCann Bristol x Admiral Insurance

‘Blown Away’

1 x 30 “ film and 1 x 10” film

The latest commercial for Admiral Insurance, "Blown Away", skilfully brought to life by Director Steve Small of Studio AKA, takes us back into the delightful universe of Admouth on a stormy night. As Admiral, and her loyal four-legged companion, Alfie, navigate a night time walk along the seafront of the charming seaside town, they happen upon the cosy home of Mr Pandy and his ever-watchful feline friend just as a stormy tempest threatens to disturb Pandy's peaceful dreams - with a fallen tree. Luckily for Mr Pandy, Admiral and Alfie are always ready to spring into action when calamity strikes.
Director Steve Small injects a delightful layer of charm into Admouth, intricately weaving attention to detail and comedic timing into this compact, 30-second adventure, and creating a dark and stormy night in Admouth was a lovely challenge for our 3D team. They had to rethink the lighting and textures for the nocturnal setting, playing around with some charming special effects so that you'll feel the rain and wind, cleverly filling the scene with ripples in the puddles, rustling leaves, and a sweeping ocean view.
For an extra dash of humour, tune into the 10-second spin-off, "Cover", and watch as the ever-helpful Mr Pandy, still clad in his nightgown, attempts to tidy up the aftermath of the storm, all while his cat eyes him with a dubious stare. Even the garden gnome remains oblivious to the hilarious mishap lurking around the corner as Mr Pandy bends over to pick up a coin. So, sit tight and prepare for more delightful escapades with Admiral and Alfie. You wouldn't want to miss a moment!

Produced by Studio AKA
Agency: McCann Bristol
Client: Admiral Insurance
Animation Director/Designer: Steve Small
Executive Producer: Nikki Kefford-White
Producer: Lara Salam
Editor: Jim Andrews
Production Coordinator: Ren Pesci
Production Assistant: Sarah McDonald
Head of Animation and Layout: Vincent Hussey
Rigging Supervisor: Adam O’Sullivan Avery
Rigging: Arthur Ranson
Modelling: Joachim Loesener, Jerome Ferra
3D Animation: Guillaume Glachant, Anne Moth
Texturing, Lighting and Compositing: Gherardo Zurla, Vincent Husset, Josh Crew
FX: Rob Chapman
CG Adv