The Wheel of Time - Origins

A series of animated shorts created to accompany Amazon’s 2021 release of the fantasy series, adapted from Robert Jordan’s award winning Wheel of Time.

I was brought on by MPC Episodic and Amazon to direct these films by highlighting lore from the Wheel of Time world in a fresh way for diehard fans and those new to the franchise. The series brief began with the iconography of paintings: telling stories within the frame. From there it was all about bringing these frames to life and adapting the scripts and lore from the books within this beautiful medium.

The series is now streaming on Prime Video.


Directed by Dan DiFelice

Executive Producers
Rafe Judkins
Mike Weber
Craig Muller

Jakub Chilczuk

Written by Rammy Park

Narration by
Evelyn Miller
Ida May
Rupert Degas
Steven Hartley

Animation by MPC Episodic

Edited by Ryan Beck
Composer Luke Atencio
Sound Design by Jonathan Ware

Executive Producers
Christopher Grey
Pete Jopling
David Brown

Produced by Rory Knight-Jones
Associate Producer Jasmine Foord-Elgood
VFX Supervisor Milos Milosevic
Art Director Gurel Mehmet
Paint Lead Ed Loverock Babb

Storyboards by David Ok, Tomasz Kossak
Character Concepts by Eve VentrueConcepts by Roman Lutsenko, Morgan Yon, Arthur Yuan, Lixin Yin, Vladimir Motsar
Paintings by Jonas Hassibi, David Jones, Pawel Hordyniak, Daniel Alekow, Stanislav Dikolenko, Jesse Rist, Laszlo Szabados, Miklos Ligeti, Adam Burn, Burak Kirk, Sergey Musin

Animation Lead Darryl White

Digital Artists (to name a few) Maxime Salvatore, Dean Faulder, Lucas Pozzey, Christine Ammann, Christian Pundschus, Thomas Greenhalgh, Stuart Turnbull, Will Preston, Ana Giralt

Colorists Mikey Rossiter and Andrew Ceen
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