NACHSAISON (Late Season) Teaser



Written, directed and produced by: Daniela Leitner

Design: Daniela Leitner

Camera and Editing: Christian Leitner, Daniela Leitner

Music - composed and performed by: Fabian Baumgartner, Marina Viotti, Silvia Ponce Marti, Anna Isabel Chan Flores
recorded and mixed by: Silvio Canazei

Sound Design and Editing: Silvio Canazei

Rigging: Christopher Hofmann

Animation: Christian Leitner, Martin Lorenz, Markus Wagner

Additional Animation: Simon Griesser

Coloring: Daniela Leitner, Lip Comarella

Compositing: Simon Griesser, Daniela Leitner

Special Thanks:

Conrad Tambour, Benjamin Swiczinsky, Anthony Guedes, Matthias Brandstätter, Bernhard Handler, Martin Maximilian Michl, Oliver Kartak, Modular Plus, Maria und Leopold Leitner, Anna Grabner, Matthias Spaetgens

Kulturabteilung der Stadt Wien - MA7

Land Niederösterreich

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