BUNRAKU : Opening Sequence


Opening animation for Guy Moshe's film 'Bunraku', narrated by Mike Patton.

SXSW 2012 Audience Award Winner in the TITLE DESIGN COMPETITION

FULL SCREEN recommended


Directed by Guilherme Marcondes

Produced by Hornet Inc.

Executive Producer: Michael Feder

Producer: Hana Shimizu


Producer: Jan Wohrle

Lead Compositor: John Harrison

Compositors: Yussef Cole, Julien Koetsch, Arthur Hur

Storyboard Artists: Tom Lintern, Carlos Ancalmo

Character Design: Rafael Grampá, Mike Luzzi

Background Design: Morgan Schweitzer

Character Animation: Mike Luzzi

Additional Animation: Frank Summers, Keng-Ming Liu

Editor: Joe Suslak

Live Action

Director of Photography: Toshiaki Ozawa

Live Action Producer: Joel Kretschman

Assistant Director: Jeff Lazar

1st Assistant Camera: Scott Maguire

Gaffer: Michael Yetter

Best Boy: Rich Ulivella

Key Grip: Joe Mandeville

Art Director: Ryan Heck

Asst. Art Director: Andy Byers

Set Design: Andrezza Valentin

Puppet Fabrication: K&Z Studio Inc., Adam Parker Smith & Carolyn Salas

Puppeteers: Adam Pagdon, Ulysses Jones, Megan McNerney, Celli Clemmons

Production Assistants: Matthew Churchill, Rick Matera, Connie Li Chan

Motion Graphics