Ready. Set. Game ON!

We have created and incredible line up of sport modalities for NetEase, a Chinese tech company with a gaming segment. Naraka Asian Games is battle royale and whether it’s squash, cricket, sepaktakraw, skateboarding, dragon boat, breakdancing, kabaddi, ju-jitsu, kurash or wushu, just pick your game. Created entirely in CGI, we have brought different styles and textures to this animation, mixing 2D and 3D for an amazing result. Get your game on and may the best player win!

Zombie Studio’s amazing players have teamed up with Final Frontier to bring to you this cool project to life. Check it out!

Production: Zombie Studio
Director: Paulo Garcia
Executive Producer: Natalia Gouvea
Executive Creative Director: Daniel Salles
Producer Director: André Carvalho
Art Director: André Zendron
CGI Director: Leandro Marcelino
CGI Technical Director: Wesley Oliveira
CGI Technical Consultant: Isaac Buzzola
Agenda Coordinator: Kira Nayana
Account Services: Gabriela Leal, Stephanie Wang
Storyboard and Animatic: Saulo Brito
Concept Artist: André Zendron, Anna Caiado, Katan Walker, Ricardo Riamonde
Lookdev: Claudio Junior, Giovanni Kososki, Ricardo Alves, Camilo Franco, Lélio Alves, Alexandre Trevisan
Lighting: Letícia Fagundes, Claudio Junior, Giovanni Kososki
Model: Raul Sales, Ricardo Alves, Alisson Perin, Vitor Semeguhini, Camilo Franco, Enrique Pedretti
Environment: Ale Barbosa
VFX: Gabriel Marcondes, Milena Neres, Lucas Amaral, Marco Melantonio, Sacha Carletti
Rig: Marcos Leite
3D Animation Supervisor: Alex Ferreira Simões
Technical Animation Supervisor: Gustavo Figueiredo
3D Animation: Alex Ferreira Simões, Jeffry Syahputra, Lucas Barbosa, Leonardo Krause, Alejandro Mozqueda Torres, David Herfindahl, Nabeel Ahmed, Rodrigo Souza, Yeesang Khet, Jackson Yeoh, Benny Davis, Elena Velasco
2D Animation Director: Bruno Brasil
2D Animation: Bruno Cursino, Cris Barros, Fhilipe Marmori, Denise Bargos, Geff Silva, Filipe Emerson, Genovis Pagani Filho, Gustavo Carvalho, Hugo Takahashi, Issao Nakabachi, João Paulo, Lucas Flores, Mateuz Fernandes, Raul Vanussi, Robério Reis, Robson Vilalba, Thiago Baggins, Ulisses Jucá
Composition: Letícia Fagundes, Isabela Ferrari, Leanndro Amorim, Rafael Medrado, Claudio Bueno
Assembler: Alisson Perin, Enrique Pedretti, Carol Nicolletti, Matheus Lopes
Paper Art Producer: Gabriela Leal
Paper Art: Fabiana Fukui, Ligia Mie Jeon, Simone Pinheiro
Paper Art Animation: Erica Valle
Paper Art Director of Photography: André de Souza
Paper Art 1° Camera Assistant: Bruno Moya
Paper Art Logger: Juliana Charleux
Paper Art Gaffer: Hassan Shahateet
Motion Graphics: Vinicius Kahan, Felipe Frazão
Color Grade: Psycho N’ Look
Art Designer: Kaike Gouvea
Financial: Alessandra Cena
TI: Gabriel Paixão, Rodolfo Cultiz