Montblanc "The Magic of Craft" 2016

With traditional stop-motion technique we created this years Montblanc "Magic of crafts".
Within this technique it was a our main focus to strike a balance between free artistical interpretation and actual representation of the charming world of Montblanc.

client: Montblanc Int.
agency: Scholz&Friends
production, direction, production design: Lip Comarella, Simon Griesser - Salon Alpin
character design and painting: Daniela Leitner
puppet construction, rig: Oldskull FX
animation, setconstruction: COLA
sounddesign and music: fifth music, Matthias Hacksteiner
CGI: Christoph Schindelar, Ricardo Manso

LED Lightrig:
3D prints:

Team Salon Alpin: Philipp Comarella, Simon Griesser, João Faria, Simon Häggström
Team Oldskull: João Rapaz, Guilherme Gamito, Catarina Santiago, Sergio Reis, Marta Viana
Team COLA: Bruno Caetano, Ana Bossa, Paula Sofia, Ricardo Mata, Telmo Romão
motion control: Vitor Estudante, Mauricio Martins
CG Adv Stop Motion
stopmotion, montblanc, animation, craft, christmas, firenze, hamburg, watchmaker, lelocle, pen, wallet, watch