Being Good - Animated Short Film


We are super excited to finally post our animated short film BEING GOOD online! It has been a long journey!

BEING GOOD has been in the making since 2016 and premiered at the CTN Animation Expo 2017. The short then went on tour in 2018 and we are proud to announce that we screened at 17 festivals worldwide, made 1 Semi-Finalist, 2 Finalists, received 2 Awards of Excellence and 3 Awards for Best Animated Short.

We started BEING GOOD as a proof of concept for a potential feature film which is why the format reflects more of an excerpt than a traditional short film. An amazing team of over 80 remote people world wide have been working on this and we are currently in conversation with several production companies about bringing BEING GOOD to life and actively looking for funding.

Please visit our homepage for more info:


Credits for the incredible team can be found here:


And we want to especially thank all our sponsors that have supported us throughout our journey: Studio Gobo, Artella, Solid Angle, Frame.io, Syncsketch, Artstation and Sketchfab!

CG Short
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