How Every Single Pixar Movie Advanced 3D Animation (Part Two: 'Brave' To 'Luca') | Movies Insider


Let's pick up where we left off in part 1:

Every Pixar movie has introduced its own technical problems, from Hank's tentacle animation in "Finding Dory" to the intense layering of cloth on the skeletons in "Coco." In this episode of "Movies Insider," we take a look at how the unique worlds, characters, and practical challenges brought up by each Pixar movie pushed the studio to expand animation technology. We break down the progress the studio has made over the years in different areas of computer technology, including cloth shading, hair simulation, volumetric clouds, and advanced character rigging. Here's how Pixar improved CG animation with every one of its films from 2012's "Brave" to 2021's "Luca."

Intro 00:00
Brave (2012) 00:30
Monsters University (2013) 1:51
Inside Out (2015) 3:04
The Good Dinosaur (2015) 3:57
Finding Dory (2016) 5:05
Cars 3 (2017 6:18
Coco (2017) 7:12
The Incredibles 2 (2018) 8:07
Toy Story 4 (2019) 9:23
Onward (2020) 10:03
Soul (2021) 11:23
Luca (2021) 12:25

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How Every Single Pixar Movie Advanced 3D Animation (Part Two: 'Brave' To 'Luca') | Movies Insider

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