Bull in a China Shop CGI Build

We're thrilled to share this newly launched work for DDB Health NY, it's definitely a dream brief and one of our favorite campaigns of 2021. How does one communicate that a new drug is both powerful, offering the efficacy that the patient's disease demands, yet is gentle on the patient at the same time? A bull in a china shop!! We jumped at the chance to bring this visual metaphor to life.

Creating, sculpting, texturing and animated CGI animals is considered “next level difficult” in the CGI world. Creating photoreal china shops to go with them is no easy task either, but in the end, these custom built animals and shops were a labour of love for the Electric Art CGI, Retouching, and Compositing departments!
We also produced an awesome animation to go along with these still images. Excited to share that too once it goes live.

Bill Dunkle: SVP, Creative Director
Rad Dedic: VP, Associate Creative Director Nikita Golitsyn: VP, Associate Creative Director Copy
Lauren Alexander: Account Group Supervisor Catherine Siegrist: VP, Account Supervisor
Alec Davidson: Group Project Supervisor
Olga Zeltser: Associate Director of Production
CG Still - Making Of