Mercedes Benz : The New EQS Launch Campaign (K-pop Square)

메르세데스 벤츠의 전기차 EQS의 국내 런칭에 발맞춰 선보인 미디어 컨텐츠입니다.
우주에서 대기권을 뚫고 k-pop스퀘어에 등장한 EQS라는 컨셉으로,
인트로와 아웃트로에 고정된 아나모픽 뷰를 적용하고 하늘을 날때는 카메라가 함께 움직이게 연출했습니다.
시각적으로는 우주선 내부와 오로라, 지구, 그리고 고객과 만나는 우유니 사막등의 장면을 아름답게 표현해 내는것에 초점을 맞췄습니다.

This is media content presented in line with the domestic launch of Mercedes-Benz's electric vehicle EQS.
With the concept of EQS that broke through the atmosphere from space and appeared on k-pop square, a fixed anamorphic view was applied to the intro and outro, and the camera moved together when flying.
Visually, we focused on beautifully expressing scenes such as the interior of the spaceship, the aurora borealis, the Earth, and the Uyuni Desert where we meet our customers.

Client : Mercedes Benz Korea
Agency : HSAd
Project Manager : Jiwon Seo (HSAd)

Creative, directed and designed by : 2grey
Creative director : Minhyuk Jang
Project Manager : Minwoo Jang (2grey)

CG Supervisor : Youngsik Kim
Previz & Animation : Hyunjong Kim
Asset Artist : Soyeon Lee, Minji Oh, Heejin Koh
Assemble, Look Dev Artist : Kim Hyunjong, Lee Doyeop, Kim Eunhoe
VFX Artist : Keonyong Moon
Compositing : Kim Hyunjong
CG Adv