Pink Troubles


'Pink Troubles' is the story of a lonesome flamingo whose morning routine is disturbed by an unforeseen cosmic event.

It started as a quick exercise in rigging and character animation at Parasol Island's animation department several years ago. What was planned as a quick showreel intro soon grew into a larger effort of a 4minute short film. After this proved to take too long to finish next to our actual projects, we decided to finish a shorter version of the original film - call it Episode 1 if you like!

Dino Figuera directed the piece with me being Co-Director / Producer.

At www.parasol-island.com/flamingo or http://www.stashmedia.tv/?p=21210 you can see and read a bit more about the project.

It all started with Robert Joosten's amazing first rig: https://vimeo.com/27579627

As you can see the flamingo's design was changed quite a bit since then, especially the face needed to be way more 'toony', and eventually Dino Figuera created or altered the rigs of all of the film's characters, from the three hero characters down to each individual plant.

And since we are all nerds at heart: we used Maya for all things modelling, texturing, rigging, animation, lighting and shading. Rendering happened in V-Ray, compositing in Eyeon Fusion.

A big *thank you* to all the people in this amazing team, working with you was and continues to be a great honour!


Production Company: Parasol Island

Head of Animation: Philip Hansen / Philippe Stalla

Director: Dino Figuera

Co-Director: Philip Hansen

Lead Character Animator: Dino Figuera

Head of VFX: Paul Dreisen

Concept Art: Charles Bals & Simon Kopp

Lead Modeling : Bardia Afchar

Modelers: Dino Figuera & Leo Quensel & Khoi Nguyen

Texturing: Bardia Afchar & Luca Fiorentini & Wilfried Kaiser

Lead Lighting TD : Paul Dreisen

Rigging TD: Robert Joosten & Dino Figuera

Additional Lighting and Rendering: Bardia Afchar & Kay Poprawe

Effects TD: Leo Quensel

Compositing: Jonas Uebelin & Gregory Chalenko

Grading: Charles Bals & Fabian Grodde

Original Music: Jonathan Wulfes

Character Voices: Santiago Ziesmer

Voice Recording - Hesse Studios

Public Relations Manager: Bart Hendrikx

CG Short
Flamingo, Robot, Droid, character animation, animation, character design, 3D, cg, cgi, feathers, island, parasol, parasol island