Proceduralism for Games? Short answer is YES. | Christos Stavridis | GDC HIVE 2023

Learn how proceduralism's non-destructive and rule-based system simplifies repeated manual work, saves time, and reduces costs in gamedev production. Christos provides examples of how proceduralism was used in the development of projects like Project Titan and The Ascent, both of which benefited from modular workflows and quick visualizers to iterate through various design elements. He emphasizes that proceduralism does not detract from artistic control, but rather provides a means to automate repetitive tasks and generate vast amounts of content variations.

Christos Stavridis is a Technical Artist in the SideFX Labs team. He has a masters degree in audiovisual arts, work experience in education, and some experience in talking about himself in the third person. He brands himself as an Apprentice of Dark Arts and that is one more reason no one takes him too seriously. He has a curious nature about how everything works and a constant hunger for knowledge. In the past years, he has become obsessed with proceduralism, making tools for artists, and hexagons.

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