Scottish Gov. Detect Cancer Early ‘Be the Early Bird’ 40 second PSA

Studio AKA created this spot in collaboration with Leith creative agency and the Scottish Government, to encourage Early Cancer Detection.

The 40-second film features a charming cast of birds, all experiencing a host of all-too-human health concerns. Thankfully our feathery friends all take action and ultimately return to their living their lives.

Supported by Studio AKA's 3D team, Director Kristian Andrews orchestrated some pin-sharp performances inspired by Nature Documentaries - to create something that balances a playful approach to character with the serious topic.


Produced By: Studio AKA
Agency: Leith
Creative Team: Chris Watson, Rufus Wedderburn
Producer: Emma Hamilton
Client: Scottish Government
Animation Director: Kristian Andrews
2D Animators: Steve Small. Kristian Andrews
3D Animators: Lucas Vigroux, Greg Court, Connor Ryan, Jerome Ferra
CG Artists & Compositors: James Gaillard, Jerome Ferra, Vincent Husset, Josh Crew
Rigging: Arthur Ranson, Adam Avery
Producer: Nikki Kefford-White
Editor: Nic Gill
Production Coordinator: Ren Pesci
Production Assistant: Lara Salam, Sarah McDonald
CG Adv