Ocean Storm - Making of


So, it's been more than a year that these shots were made for a yet UN-disclosured TV commercial. These are the pre-comps i did, not the final end result; the boat captain is missing in all shots, as he was composed in at a later stage. The TVC has more stormy shots made by the entire Faust team, but these are a few shots i did on my end. Keep an eye at postfaust.com for the final TVC, once it get released in public.

Here are some stats:

All simulations were made in 3dsMax with the newly released at that time, PhoenixFD 3.0 and rendered with VRay.

First shot took 3 days or so to simulate 350 frames on an i7 5960X, used 1 billion grid cells, produced 400 million particles and the render memory on the final frames peaked at 90GB.

For the other shots i didn't kept any stats, but for sure were a bit more kindly to our systems.

At this point, i want to personally thank Svetlin Nikolov from Chaos Group, for his extraordinary support and patience for putting up with all my crazy requests through the middle of the nights!

Anyway, hope you like them... :)

CG Adv - Making Of
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