Pointcloud9 LiDAR - Lighting CG Creatures with HDR Textures

The huge benefit in automatically texturing the LiDAR scan with HDR textures is that the finished LiDAR HDR environment can now light any 3D creature or object traveling through it. We demonstrate this by using the asset of a 3D swan flying through our LiDAR scanned environment. We did not tweak shaders nor did we even start compositing - this lighting test was done in less then 30 minutes including rendering.

The 3D environment is the result of 40 minutes of LiDAR scanning with capturing of HDR textures from a second tripod at the same time. By switching the LiDAR scanner with the robotic DSLR capture rig we already know the point of origin for the spherical texture reprojection. The only thing we still need to deal with is back faces and through projection. This whole demo video was created in 3 days: 40 minutes of LiDAR and image capture, 1 day for cleaning and meshing the pointcloud, 1 day for HDR reprojection.

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