Simply “Say Yes to Simple”

We are excited to share a nice juicy project for Simply along with our favourite team. We were glad to be a part of so many talented artists and a huge thanks goes to the CD Duncan Elms and Producer Michael Ross, for inviting Yeti into this project.

Client: Simply
Agency: Cartwright
Alex Hoffman – Producer
Lydia Dunay – Creative Director
Chelsea Ceasor – Art Director
Meghan Lai – Copywriter
Corey Mack- Account Supervisor
Kyla Kirshner – Account Manager

Production Company: Her Studio
Director: Rikky Fernandes
Creative Director: Duncan Elms
Director of Photography: Daniel Rothman
Live Action Producer: Lucia Tran
Prop Master: Billy Wesley
Food Stylist: Laura Kinsey, Danielle Marin
Production Manager: Brook Turner

Post Production
Design Studio: Elastic
Creative Director: Duncan Elms
Editor: Javier Gonzalez, Rachel Fowler
3D Designers: Tony Zagoraios, Vaso Evangelopoulou, Elena Izanami, Renato Marques, Lee Buckley, David Hyatt, Min Shi
3D Animators: Lee Buckley, Alex Silver, Marios Tsaousis, Pantelis Tsiachri, Argyris Nochos
Character Animation: Bryan Cox
Dynamics: Miguel Salek, Jun Kim, Phi Pinyosophon
Modeling: Joe Panigua, Jose Limon
Color Pipeline TD: Andrew Young
Sr. Producer: Michael Ross
Production Coordinator: Angela Shin
Head of Production: Paul Makowski
Executive Producer: Kate Berry
Managing Director: Eve Kornblum

VFX Studio: a52
VFX Supervisor: Andy Wilkoff
CG Supervisor: Lee Buckley
Lead Flame Artist: Stefan Gaillot
Flame Artists: Michael Vaglienty, Rod Basham
Online Artists: Matthew Monteleone, John Valle, Chris Riley
Tracking: Mike Bettinardi, Joe Chiechi
Producer: Michael Ross
Head of Production: Drew Rissman
Executive Producers: Patrick Nugent & Kim Christensen
Managing Director: Eve Kornblum
Color Studio: Primary
Colorist: Ale Amato
Color Assistant: David Oh
Color Producer: Alex Zhao
Executive Producer: Christina Roldan
CG Adv