MTV / Motor Home

Motor Home is a new MTV show which follows the lives of four young moto 3 class riders. In the opener we describe the adrenaline rush which occurs before the start of the race using a style inspired by that of the japan anime.

- Direction: Ditroit
- Art Direction: Salvatore Giunta
- Design: Salvatore Giunta, Cristian Acquaro
- Modeling: Giovanni Mauro, Daniele Angelozzi
- Shading and Lighting: Cristian Acquaro
- Rigging: Tommaso Sanguigni
- Animation: Cristian Acquaro
- 2D FX: Jules Guerin
- Compositing: Salvatore Giunta
- Music and Sound Design: Smider

- Client: MTV Milano Design Studio
- Creative Direction: Lorenzo Banal
- Art Direction: Luca Dusio
Motion Graphics
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