Crappy chocolate with blender fluid

Hi.. its blender time..!!
Just install this program first time to check the blender fluid..
it took me a day or to to understand whats going on with the interface.
then i try'd the fluid. it was very fun..
the fluid is a voxel based calculation (like fumeFX, and the new Hybrido solver of realflow 5)
so its very fast and intuitive. there are limitation ofscorce like no rigid bodys interaction (from what i know..)
and you can't use multiple emitters with different settings in same domain..
but for a simple fluid effect its just greate..! and its free..!
so i hope you'll enjoy it and i hope to bring more of this stuff..

simulation time : 26 houres (540 domain resolution)
render time : 22 houres with blender's defult renderer
compositing in aftereffect
CG VFX & Misc
blender, blender fluid, chocolate, simulation, high viscosity, 3d