Hogstream Breakdown


Making of "Hogstream"

You can see full project here: https://www.behance.net/gallery/91321737/HOGSTREAM

Buy scene files here: https://gum.co/tbwWF

Yes, it's a sequel. Whether you waited or not, this is it. The adventure continues.

Well, these were not just words, he really came. Didn't waste time and found a fancy poncho along the way. That's cool.

But what is this place? It's clearly not what it looks like. Who lives here? Friend or not? Maybe, just maybe this "friend or not" even was waiting for him.

Soon he will know the answers to all these questions, as well as ask new questions after. Still full of optimism.

Technical side

My task for this work was to build the scene completely from scratch, and also tell the story which will more clear when you look closely. All models were made in Fusion 360, scene built in Cinema 4D, shading and rendering using Octane render, final touches in Photoshop. It took several months from start to finish.

WOW! I also prepared the whole scene including all asset (except textures/materials) for you to investigate. You can find it here: https://gum.co/tbwWF

CG Still - Making Of