EA Games | Anthem Trailer


Continuing our successful collaboration with Electronic Arts (EA), The Mill was thrilled to bring the gaming brand’s latest campaign to life once again, this time across video billboards all over New York City. After developing a series of show stopping live AR visuals for the EA Play press conference teasing Anthem in 2018, The Mill was tasked with re-forming these assets to create a series of cinematic films.

Spearheaded by Mill+ Creative Director Will Adams alongside The Mill’s Emerging Technology team, the films feature a powerful showdown between the game’s hero characters Ranger and Colossus, and one of the games villain’s Titan; a 50-foot-tall elemental, fire-shooting rock monster.

Within an incredibly short timeframe, the team was able to craft seamless high-quality visuals with huge impact, which would have been impossible without real-time rendering and game engine technology.

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