Simona&Jacques Teaser


Simona And Jacques. Episode One: Learning to catch monsters.

First Teaser for an upcoming series project.

Simona, the first female hunter apprentice, and Jacques, her schizophrenic mentor and last member of an old Legion of hunters, will travel from village to village catching monsters.

Adventure, action, terror & mystery!

But are monsters evil beings?

On this fantastic journey Simona will challenge old ideas, questioning rejection and fear of those who are different.



Idea and realization: BANDIDOGUAPO Studio

Director: Ruben F Stremiz

Producer: Pablo Colabella

Storyboard - Animatic: Ruben F Stremiz

Art Direction and Character Design: Ruben F Stremiz

Edition: Ruben F Stremiz / Mariano Ruiz

Models: Ruben F Stremiz / Mariano Ruiz / Jack Falcato / Gabriel Cuello

Texture and shaders: Ruben F Stremiz / Mariano Ruiz

Rigg: Ruben Stremiz

Animation: Maximo Ponz / Ruben F Stremiz / Mariano Ruiz

Lighting: Ruben F Stremiz

Graphic Designer: Mariano Ruiz

Audio: Ruben F Stremiz

Year 2018

CG Short