Lightwave - examples of Hyper Voxels for visual FX


Do not try this at home kids. There are better ways to achieve FX.
These are mostly tests I did over the last 20 years, using procedural HVs. There are no fluids. With LW 2018, HVs were relegated to "legacy," and no longer render with moblur, so they are officially obsolete, although they have been undeveloped for many years. They are replaced by the new and more complex volumetrics, but those do not yet replace the ease and functionality of simple HV tricks. For FX, use TurbulenceFD, Blender or Houdini. The upheaval at 2:22 was done by Brad Mullenix, and the Torus crumbling at the end was done by Dennis Greenlaw, both for the movie Epoch that I was CG supervisor on.

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