While a cryo capsule resurrects the body of a survived crew member on his long way back to Earth, his wakening mind unwinds memories of the first contact mission.

Blindsight is a short film created by Danil Krivoruchko in collaboration with artists from around the globe between 2016 and 2020. The film is based on the eponymous sci-fi novel by Peter Watts. This is a non-commercial self-funded project.

Please check the supporting site http://blindsight.space/ covering the film’s creation process in-depth (featuring an interview with Peter Watts himself!)


Directed by:

Danil Krivoruchko http://www.myshli.com/

Edited by:

Viktoriya Yakubova https://vimeo.com/umukusum

Score / Sound Design:

Echoic Audio https://echoicaudio.com/

Voiceover Talent:

Siri Keeton - Daniel Shapiro

The Captain - Norelia Rey

Susan James / Sascha - Natasia Marquez

Amanda Bates - Victoria Hogan

Jukka Sarasti - Ron Marasa

Rorschach - Emma Maidenberg

Jim More - Troy Hudson

News Anchors - Bernie Baggarly, Alessa Ray, V Lexx


Artem Otvodenkov https://www.behance.net/mrOmvod

Dennis Khramov https://www.behance.net/hramovsky

Evgeny Kashin https://www.artstation.com/gr1n

Ivan Khomenko https://www.artstation.com/hamen

Jama Jurabaev https://jamajurabaev.com/

Tory Sica http://www.torysica.com/


Alex Malets https://www.artstation.com/splendidfennel

Andrei Korovkin https://www.artstation.com/akorovkin

Dimos Hadjisavvas https://dimoshadji.com/

Ivan Makarkoff https://www.artstation.com/makarkoff

Kirill Stupin https://www.behance.net/simplewolf

Serge Aleynikov https://alsens.net/

Slava Kislyakov https://www.instagram.com/bondjo/

Valentine Sorokin https://www.artstation.com/sorokin


Alexey Cheprakov https://www.behance.net/cheprakov

Danil Krivoruchko http://www.myshli.com/

Dmitry Kulikov https://www.behance.net/vellocet

Max Chelyadnikov https://www.behance.net/maxchell

Maxim Goudin https://maximgoudin.com

Maxim Gureev https://vimeo.com/user1505374

Sasha Vinogradova http://www.sashavinogradova.com/

Web Concept & Design:

Anton Repponen http://repponen.com/

Copy Editor:

Anya Formozova http://anyaformozova.com

Web Development:

Astroshock http://astroshock.ru/

CG Short
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