'Coffee Run' by Bomper Studio


When it comes to office politics, there's one element that takes precedence above all else: the hot drinks round. 'Coffee Run' is the story of a hard-pressed protagonist attempting to make an elaborate coffee round for his colleagues.

Produced by CGI studio Bomper as part of an in-house competition to create the studio's first stand-alone short, Coffee Run was an exercise in creating a full film with one character and environment. Depending on who in the studio you ask, it's either a fully fictional piece or the closest you can get to a documentary while still having a character with squiggly spaghetti arms. Either way, the film is based on experience - in fact, we drank two coffees while writing this blurb.

Co-Director, Josh Hick at Bomper said: “Coffee Run was our first chance to really work on a full, stand-alone short film as a studio. It's something I've wanted us to do for years and so it's cool to see everyone come together. There's also something good about putting hours and hours of work and creative energy into a shot of a man banging his head on a mop.”

Directed by Emlyn Davies & Josh Hicks

Story by Claire Hodges, Alan Towndrow, Josh Hicks

Storyboards by Claire Hodges

Character Modelling by Gareth Beedie & Tara Mardell

Environment & Prop Modelling by Julia Britton, Rhodri Davies, Tara Mardell, Colin Wood

Concept Art by Josh Hicks & Claire Hodges

Animation by Claire Hodges & Alan Towndrow

Rigging by Alan Towndrow

Rigging Consultantation by Gary Abrehart & Gene Magtoto

Lighting by Rhodri Davies & Colin Wood

Texturing by Rhodri Davies & Colin Wood

2D Animation by Josh Hicks & Claire Hodges

Visual Effects by Colin Wood

Post-Production Josh Hicks & Colin Wood

Production Management by Julia Britton

Distribution & PR by Robyn Viney

Sound Design & Recording by Alan Angel

CG Short
animation, character, run, coffee, short film, c4d, cinema4d, funny, octane