The Martian Invasion of Surrey-Chapter 2: The Artillery Man's Story


The Army destroyed; Woking in flames. An Artillery Man has a lucky escape and describes his experiences. This is the second chapter in my ongoing project to animate H G Wells' book "The War of the Worlds". In 1906 the French translation of "War of the Worlds" was published with illustrations by a Brazilian artist, Henrique Alvim Corrêa and this animated film based upon Wells’ novel draws heavily upon Correa’s images.

The "Woking History and Heritage" website:
provides a detailed description of the Woking area and explains how Wells used actual locations in which to stage his Martian invasion. I have used these locations in the film with specific references to road names and buildings which were there in Wells' neighbourhood in Woking. For example, the Narrator's house (which is not where Wells lived) has been identified as "Pooks Hill", at the top of Maybury Hill. I have constructed "Pooks Hill" as I think it may have looked in Victorian times.

Software used includes Lightwave 2020, FCPX, Affinity Photo, Metashape, Meshmixer, Mixamo, Makehuman, Logic Pro

Lightwave features used include: Instancing, flocking, Bullet Dynamics, Ragdolling, FBX Interchange, Compositing, Hypervoxels

CG Short